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New Year Reboot

Posted: January 22, 2016 in Music

Seeing my old stomping grounds of Portland State University continuing to bring music to the students, makes me feel honored to be the wall fly with a view. Tobin has worked endlessly alongside his crew and Portland State TV to bring campus the Live @ Lunch series. I have captured shows in the Parkway North venue since 2012 and have many more shows to see there.

January will bring 5 live bands and one comedy act. Music has always been the focus, and with the wary venture into “comedy” it was easy to say the musicians have more to offer than immature sexual innuendo and badly recycled “jokes” that are best left on the seedy sidewalks of Burnside. The realms of psych pop/folk, indie rock , and the exploration of PDX hip hop have made this stage is one of my favorites to see performances.

IMG_5422 Harm of Alaska stopped in last week to grace us with the powerful sounds of a folk ensemble. Made up of six individuals there is much this band as to offer. The interpretation of Heather Warren‘s poetry gives material for the music to come alive. The harmonies mixed with floating on the notes of the clarinet allowed the bass of the beatboxing to guide you around the stage until you are swarmed up in the musical bliss. Humble, enthusiastic, and caring a vibrant stage presence Harm hopefully will be back in the PNW soon. Head over to RumblesOfRevolution to see the full set and follow the link to see a live video of their performance at PSU.