Children Come Listen

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Music

Is music really education or is it just a means for youth to slap on some headphones and drown out the much NEEDED prerequisite we learn in the classroom? Can lyrics, beats, and different genres guide the next generation to discovery and adventure? The continually decline of music programs in the school is raising a generation of young people who won’t every be exposed to musical instruction except on a touch screen device. We can argue that high school band and certain choice art electives might equal a music classroom but nothing is equal to being exposed the the raw power of music collaboration.

All The Apparatus: Voyage of the S.S Stardust from Rowan Spiers-Floyd on Vimeo.

All the Apparatus is a band who’s music is a life lesson in it self. Self confidence, appreciation for stage performance, and much encouraged crowd participation is whats left after a evening with these fine musicians. Continually gratitude for their fans and community make this band stand out from many in Portland. Recently they teamed up with the kids from Portland’s Da Vinci Arts Middle School to help cast a new visual for their song ‘Great Whale’. With the help of Trifecta Films PDX this video shows the direct link to music and community. How often do young people get to be apart of such a great project, let alone have the backing of so many great Portland groups.

After Music Fest NW and the release of Typhoon’s ‘White Lighter‘ album a national tour seemed in order. Lead singer Kyle Morton and I meet several years back before I was 21 at a Music in the Schools fundraiser. He introduced me to his group and have been a fan ever since. Looks like the crew had some time to visit Cove, OR before heading out on the road. In school performances are a hard thing to organize but it doesn’t stop Typhoon from letting the kids try the instruments and meet the musicians behind the music.


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