Discipline a Child

Posted: November 6, 2013 in News

The Guy Fawkes March that took place this week throughout the world called for open platform of issues. These masked protestors were suppose to be addressing the issues that have become to familiar in the society that has arisen. We live in a world that allows exposed flesh to be beauty, sexual desire to be love, and angry ignorance a tool of education. With the understanding that civil disobedience is a neccesary tool in times where a governemnt has overstep its bounds, does it really do a community good to exercise this right loosely? Having been able to be a part of many demonstrations and lucky enough to document NATO, its hard to not stand somewhat critical of the actions that unfold in front of you.

Train Up A Child In The Way They Should Go.

Train Up A Child In The Way They Should Go.

Meeting up at the south waterfront a group of about 100 or so decided to lazily stroll around seeing if comrades would make numbers swell. Scheduled to start at one I waited for a good hour before seeing any type of “organization” take place. I almost left knowing this was probably unpermitted and it showed a lack of focus in the radical community. I overheared several coversations about what was to go on and was disturbed to find out they were just as confused as me. While talking with Officer Day of the central precinct I learned that most police sentiments are mutual toward the demonstrations, but they needed to manage the city. Making our way through downtown we stopped off at Right2Dream2 to drop off the clothing that some had brought as donations. Continuing through Chinatown we crossed the Burnside bridge to an empty lot were more nonsense was chatterd and heckles were directed toward law enforcement.

Going down Grand on the eastside we turned up Stark. Here many “protestors” started to test the police by laying in the street, shouting vulgarity, and showing true disorganization. At the intersection of Stark and Sandy all hell broke loose, unconfirmed reports say eggs were thrown. As you can see from the footage the sidewalk became the holding grounds of the demostration as the police advanced with patrol and mounted units. Quickly cutting the group in half a few arrests were made but the realization of overaction on the side the police caused them to retreat just as quickly. The shakiness in the video is from the officers rushing in and body checking me with several others into a wall. As I tried to film the incident the mounted police shove onto the sidewalk and block my shot. The unsettlement lasted only mintues before we started to proceed up the sidewalk but tempers were quite heated. The day ended with much frustration up by St. Francis park.


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