New Year, New Sounds

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Music

As another year comes to an end we look to the horizon for bigger and better things. The cars need to be more efficient, gadgets socially connected, and the music will challenge the listener to see if this is the defining sound of 2013.

IMG_5243For those who read posts earlier this year about the annual showcase The Next Big Thing Tour you would have been introduced to Atmos. As the year went on Kyle, Josh, and Jackson went on to explore more sounds, play more shows, and created YoungSun. Joining our three friends was their comrade Johnny who plays synth, rhythm guitar, and is lead vocals. Their EP ‘Moxie‘ is avaliable for purchase and streaming over on their bandcamp. ‘Accidents‘ and ‘Light Me Up‘ have that groove to dial you in to the sound of these four musicians from Lake Oswego, Oregon. These tunes are filled with reggae, groove, and a great alternative sound to the daily mundane tunes of the radio.

IMG_5352 E.A.R.T.H stands for emphasizing, articulation, rhythm, tone, and harmony. MC’s Spliff and Doug have the lyrical game on lock with multi-syllable verses that blast competitors who want to stick to the basics. Their band is what brings the group a lot of recognition because they’re just as talented. Noah and Benjamin hang with trumpets at the ready, while hitting a few notes on the keys to keep the sound groovy. Cary lays down guitar licks that have bass player Louie and drummer James keeping the tempo to a tea. ‘Lost Generation‘ pretty much sums it up with the facts of societies downfall and the lack of responsibility we all have been guilt of. The Fruits of Labor EP dropped this last week and its a gem if you are a true hip hop fan. Jamming to ‘Feel The Groove‘ is the band once again showing the elements that make them a great addition. Check out the video for their single and realize this is a group that will open up Portland to true passion and music appreciation.


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