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Mickeys and Music

Posted: November 27, 2012 in Music

Anus Kings are two friends having fun with life.

A cricket’s calming chipper makes new surroundings a lot more easy to adapt to. The sounds of blues folk drifting into the warm California night is defiantly a sign the evening is going great. Sydney and Brian are setting things off in Azusa as they introduce us to the sound of Anus Kings. This duo has been together for about 5 years, they have 2 albums out, and continue to make it on the bill for shows in the greater California area. Both Brian and Sydney sing vocals and the music coming from the guitar and bass are tales to be told. Their first album Predictable Teenage Rebels is 9 tracks of political awareness, family living, rebellious angst and even a few cover tunes. It was mid 2011 the second album with the Anus Kings name attached to it was made available for download. Seems You Haven’t Learned comes at you once again with a message of are you going to get it before its to late? Sydney lays it down with the finger picking of a bluesy nature on the intro of ‘Downtown‘. Watching her preform live it was amazing to see the dedication flowing through the tips of her fingers. The blending of the acoustic and bass is very soothing and almost lulls you into a calming bliss that will have you longing to get to know more about these two individuals we have come to know as Anus Kings.


Tonight We Paint

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Music

Makenzie Mizell offers music, body painting, and a great atmosphere to be yourself.

Blue sushi in the kitchen and a kitten, the home of Makenzie Mizell is the definition of hospitality. Eugene is a college town but the arts and music are alive here. Makenzie brought her guitar, drums, and ukulele to become her own band. With her debut album Barn Fun available to download it was great to see the people singing her lyrics and dancing to the beat of the drum. A delicate beautiful voice that packs a hard punch Makenzie has some vivid scenes and scenarios painted that can be familiar to us all. The track ‘That One Friend’ tackles the subject of dodging that one person you really just didn’t want to talk to and ‘Find You’ lets you take out your aggression built up by their annoyance. The album contains a longing for surfing on the Oregon coast, finding a new flame wishing it was your first time, and just plain reminiscing of events in the past. I hope to be back to hear her preform again and possible get to do some more painting.

A Night Long Trip

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Music

Time and Energy performing at “The Loft” in Santa Ana. A show worth remembering.

Time and Energy, man where to even begin. My head was a spinning void guided by the musical sound and revolving lights that gave this Santa Ana band it’s powerful essence. The rhythm and sound broke out as the set began and it was almost overpowering. The track Intomaidet from Jorge and Brennan’s first album Entertainica was just amazing live as the video is below. With the loop pedals and multi-instrumental duo this show was just a sneak peak to what the rest of the night was. Playing long into the night the track Tree Salad brought the night into a complete jam session. Today Time and Energy’s 2nd album is up on bandcamp for download and to catch that last track you need to get a copy of Strange Kind of Focus. For those in California a great time to mark on your calendars to see this band is Feb. 19th free admission to the OC Music Awards at The Yost Theater on 307 N Spurgeon St Santa Ana,Ca 92701. I hope to see more of these guys in the future.

Musician, Driver, and Friend

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Music

From Riverside to Prescott, Oakland to Eugene the Bigger Than Mountains Tour exposed me to great new sites and sounds. Sickness, brothels, crickets and cliff bars made the trip a memorable one. The benefit of being out of Portland was seeing how the music scene for surrounding states organized. Who is being talked about and where you can catch the acts is something to be enveloped with. In the new week or so I will be introducing several of the musicians that we played with on this journey down the west coast.

Felecia and the Dinosaur lets you know music is HEALING!!

Felecia and the Dinosaur is not to be messed with, already on her 3rd albums she battles her body and the critics but seems to come out always on top. After helping her pull some seats out of her van I knew she was a very determined individual. As we set out on tour I saw my favorite song “Beautiful Invalids” come to life and knew she was for real. With fans waiting all down the coast for her to preform music for her brand new album In The Key Of Victory it was exciting to see Felecia preform for the crowd. A very soulful voice with a story to tell this young women will let you into the personal aspect of her life while creating a sound that makes your feet start tapping. She is accompanied by a full band on the album which makes for an even greater experience.

The Beast Sting

Posted: November 8, 2012 in News

Continuing the fight for freedom and democracy.

The stories from both sides have been circulating like wildfire in the Portland Metro area about the use of pepper spray on demonstrators at N3. The march against austerity began with a rally in Holladay Park by the Lloyd Center and we marched up to NE Halsey were things took a turn for the worse. Taking notes from other marches, we knew that we MUST break the police line if encountering them blocking our path or a kettle. The use of barricades are for protection against excessive police brutality. We use the masks to keep chemical weapons out of our eyes and signs to shield us from riot batons.

First the volley, then hitting ones up close to have them drop the sign.

The use of force by a crowd is to hopefully show the police they have become a barrier and need to allow the crowd to continue on so no TENSE moments arise where police interaction would have to implemented. Continual use of the police tactic of kettling groups has always made “breaking police lines” a good counter to ensure no harm comes to the elderly or minors that accompany the march. Portland Police Bureau has been know for its itchy trigger finger but when high school students take the hit it makes people choose sides. I was hit myself by the volley of toxic moisture but sustained minor irritation on the tops of my hands. The aim of this police accessory is to disperse the crowd to make way for the riot cops to clear up the scene.

Flushing the eyes of the victims who were hit with pepper spray.

Weather you agree with Occupy or its message it will soon be obvious that this new world order has come together under these last several administrations, its time to say enough is enough. I was told this last week vote, vote, vote but did those people who spewed their view forget how they won that freedom? Most take it for granted and feel that they need to gripe or gloat when the election does or doesn’t go in their favor. Foreclosures, gas prices, and trying to stay employed are become true realities for Americans across the board so where will you land? Is neutrality a satisfying bliss to bask in or will this snap back to reality kick you butt into high gear. Our hearts go out to the victims of Sandy, but where is the sympathy for the family down the road who’s sitting in the dark because daddy’s locked up and mom is sick? We need to realize we are one no matter what status the world has placed us in this game of chance. The sooner we understand this the sooner we can fight together to bring about the society we all can truly thrive in.

Casting a vote of no confidence.