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One Band To Another

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Music

The Mountains Goats have released their 14th studio album to date which is entitled ‘Transcendental Youth’. Horns all over the tracks to make this a very deep sounding album. All with piano melodies the voice of John Darnielle guides us from lake side views to looking for artificial residents of the sunshine state. Having discussed some of the most sensitive topics in past albums John, Peter, and Jon give us some very vivid imagery throughout this project. As the video for ‘Cry for Judas’ shows that continual twisted messages can be taken from the lyrics of music still as we move away from the beauty of what lyricism and musicianship is all about. ‘In Memory of Satan‘is a great song to zone to, ‘Amy aka Spent Gladiator‘ is a rebel anthem and ‘The Diaz Brothers‘has that catchy tune that makes this album a listen through and put on repeat.

I got to give credit were credit is do. I would have never heard of The Mountain Goats if it weren’t for my friends Jesse, Rob, and Trina. They are the makings of the band know as Leafeater and they are trio who play jams inspired by The Thermals, The Mountain Goats, and one my personal favorites Bright Eyes. I met them in Astoria,Oregon for Manafest. A weekend music festival put on by our friends to bring bands to the coast. Jams like Holiday in a Bottle and Bruise had me interested to see them again when we all got back to Portland. Since then they have released their album ‘No Wonder‘ which is their electric sound with drums by Trina. A great group of individuals who love to get to know their fans and will hopefully give us another project in the new year.