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The North Rises Up

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Music

Mic Capes performing at Last Thursday in Portland, OR on Alberta Street. As a hip hop artist he strives to better himself and influence others to do the same.

North Portland is a place where reality is lived out and truth pours from those who have walked its streets . Mic Capes sent out a Fair Warning a month or so back to let us know ‘Rise & Grind’ would be released on September 22nd. The date has come and gone and those who picked up the album will be introduced to a young black male living on the edge trying to get ahead. Struggling with constantly having to not turn to “dealing poison to his own people’ but needing financial stability Mic digs deep to express what life is like grinding in the Rose City. He lets us know his family’s story and his personal struggles through the entire project. He goes hard on ‘The Day After‘ to wake up those who have fallen behind only by their own lack of focus. Stream the whole album right here or download ‘Rise & Grind‘, but beware his lyrics will define hip hop in its purest form.


Legends live on

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Music

The legend Murs has a new project along with fellow MC Fashawn. ‘This Generation’ is the title track and the name of the album which is set to drop the 25th of this month. Debuting ‘Just Begun‘ a song off the album for crowds at Rock the Bells this year the singles continue to be a sigh of relief that true hip hop is alive and continues to making its way onto records and festival line-ups. Both singles released have been a continual contemplation of the journey it took to get to the stage and understanding fame comes with the price of educating those who gather to you.

Pizza Parties

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Music

The months have been filled with events and crazy happenings but that is something I keep to myself. Blogs have gotten that sappy somewhat stereotype for a pour our heart out to an invisible audience but you have been mislead. Just like the radio and television have fallen to falsity spewed from their transmissions, its time to wake up. News has been to the minute broken on blogs that mainstream media has failed to report on. The bloggers have even been arrested and threatened for trying to report the truth in areas that reporters run away from or even locked out by police. I have reported from the streets of Portland to Chicago and turned your ears on to the sounds that the airwaves are mute to.

Luck-One and friends getting a preview of whats to come. Premier screening of ‘Get Your Money’ was held at Mississippi Pizza Pub in NE Portland on August 25th.

From the True Theory Outtakes to the Beautiful Music series he will become a name the NW claims as one of the own. Luck-0ne has been doing his thing since late 2000 but dedication has been a trait of this young man for a long. From the Bing Lounge to ‘Get Your Money’ release party he always will be found spreading his message all over the Rose City. Will he follow the path he hinted journeying out on in ‘Farewell‘ or does this young brother have something greater in store? Every project Luck is a part of and the people he surrounds himself with are uplifting and will talk real when they can. Hustle and bustle is city life but to find a grind that you follow is exactly what Luck-One portrays and he encourages all to do the same. I hope we can see another mixtape/album before this great emc decides to take on another project. So if you missed the pizza part a week back no worries because now the video we all got to preview is avaliable to the public so take a few minutes and zone out to Luck-One X Dizz, Tope, and EPP in the video below.