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Posted: July 10, 2012 in Music

Coming back the coast and having one of the best 4th of July’s in a long time it’s back to the daily grind. Music continues weather we have the headphones in or the radio on so don’t feel bad if you aren’t downloading the newest link that the blogosphere has thrown at you this week. There is always a show or a new single that will be hitting the interweb and your radio station may or may not have it but don’t worry here are just a few that are making the summer in PDX a hot one.

Helping Tope as a stage hand last year was an awesome experience.

Bangers for the rig seem to always get the hype going during the summer and just like the 2011 PDX Pop performance with his crew Living Proof, hip hop artist Tope brings a fresh sound with his new video ‘Goodness’. A local Portland native that I was able to work with a year or so back Tope is always doing a project or preforming around town so if you haven’t had a chance to hear him watch this video and continue to support the local artist that make this Rose City hip hop scene great.

Mic Capes was fire with his freestlye over the beats of Jay-Z, so it was interesting to hear what his story was. Coming out of the same area where my local skatepark is NoPo is a rougher area of the 503 and his rhymes let us know Mic is continuing to fight to make a name for the town he is from. Lets us know that Portland’s gang violence is a serious issue and needs to be addressed not just reported on. He recently had a video come out with fellow Emcees Rasheed Jamal and Glenn Waco. Here it is and be sure to download the mp3 version over on soundcloud. Be sure to be on the look out for his ‘Rise & Grind’ mixtape dropping sometime in the near future.