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Nights you were busy.

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Music

The fluid sounds of Shadows on Stars will have you floating off into a trance of keys, tambourines, and vocals that have you following them to the next track. I had my first taste of them while at the White Eagle Saloon where they played for their album release show back in March. Dancing was the only option that night and their sounds filled the air giving the crowd a great introduction to what was to come on the self titled debut album. ‘Here’ was the song that just had me lost in the whole experience that night. Once the album came into my possession it was a great way to relive the memories of the party. It has become one of my favorite albums of 2012 and great things will come from this group of folks. Some tracks like ‘Punk Kids‘ have lyrics that spark a pondering of one’s self while ‘Whiskey & Cigarettes‘ dabbles in the area of young love and infatuation. You can stream the album over on their site or if you are a member of soundcloud just look for ShadowsOnStars.

Shadows On Stars exploding with energy at the White Eagle Saloon in Portland.


Caps and Gowns

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Music

For all the graduates who have completed some form of education these last few weeks, I hope the future is bright. We enter a new world once exiting the education institution we have slaved countless hours in. The benefits are endless once we realize the potential of having the diploma/degree in our possession. This is my way of congratulating those who enter the world of secondary education and the career field.

High school can be BRUTAL. For those who had to endure the ridicule of their peers but continue to face the hallways day after day this is your anthem!!! For those who can relate to the unpopular crowd or the relentless torment of those who seemed to think that you need to be under their scrutiny it’s over!!!! College is hard but the aspect of individuality is something to be embraced. Enjoy your summer but be ready to hit the books in the fall. Be sure to check out Plushgun’s sophmore album ‘Me, Me‘ that came out last month.

Now for those who think college is the most AWESOME experience in the world think again. There will be no mommy or daddy getting you lunch ready or you up for class its the start of reality. “Learn how to live your life” is good advice because the adult atmosphere of campus lets most teenagers know they can’t just float through life. It’s not all beer bongs and sororities so lets be real and understand that college is something that everyone tackles eventually. Follow the link to see Relient K at the Cyrstal Ballroom in PDX July 22nd.

I was able to shoot Dave Hause at ‘The Sea Shanty’ in N PDX a year or so back and its awesome to see the progress his solo project ‘Resolutions‘ as done in the punk/alternative community. Dave is a man who shows great stamina and love for his audience. His work with ‘The Loved Ones‘ is to be commended but his personal outlets continue to give that little boost of confidence to those who need that.

(LYRICS IN THE DESCRIPTION) This is an example of hip hop that is true to the description. The music they have for you to gyrate your hips at the after game dance or say is the hip new jam on the radio is a facade. A dedication to those who walk across the stage last night this is a song that should inspire to be more that what the adults in the life say you can be. Prove them that this generation isn’t glued to boob tube and really is the leaders of the future. Also head over to Areuawake on facebook to hear the Blue Scholars new track.

Coming to a neighborhood near you

Posted: June 5, 2012 in News

You know how they say all those fancy medications they tell you to guzzle down are good for you? Do you scratch your head when the commercial for sugar sprinkled cereal is claimed to be a “balanced diet”? We can fight these forms of propaganda but what happens when they move them into our streets? Would you be comfortable having the government listening to you as you walked in the street, even if it cuts energy costs? My friends let me introduce you to their eye in your neighborhood.

Intellistreets,will it turn our streets into “smartways”? Coming from the company Illuminating Concepts these new street lamps would possibly cut spending cost by over 60% and the LED light bulb would last up to 50% longer. They come equipped with digital banners that would allow advertisements, event notices and even Amber Alerts to be broadcast. The street signs themselves would be digital and aid in possible detour methods when traffic called for it. A wireless system that can dim itself, adjust to conditions such as light foot traffic, or be an emergency alert system. This all sounds good and plausible but there is a catch.

The cameras, microphones, and sensors inside the lights are written off as devices needed for transmission of the information that runs the lights and messages. They tell us it would help with crowd counting and traffic information. As citizens we just need to realize they will be watching, listening and possibly tracking the very moves of those in its vicinity. We have been sold on the need for “homeland security” and since 9/11 we have seen our freedoms diminishing.

Book Settings Become Realities

Posted: June 1, 2012 in News

Travel is something that most of us want to do for exposure to cultures and historic sites. Many get to go with family and friends making the event one of comfort and enjoyment.Some start out young learning to travel by themselves or never get to travel at all. I was able to strike out on my own and catch a ride with Occupy Portland as we pilled on a bus provided by the National Nurses United bound for Chicago,Illinois. We sent the week conducting direct actions and rallies against the NATO Summit that was being held down on the waterfront at the McCormick Place. From the 18th-21st of May we saw a police state form at the presence of so many concerned citizens flocking into the streets creating awareness of the end result that this path we are on will lead.

“A group of us bound to Chicago for the NATO Summit will remember this trip forever.”

Chicago is a city for me that from a young age I was dying to see. An apocalyptic fiction series set in the city had me wanting to explore Lake Shore Drive, ride the L, and see what Chi-Town could churn up. Imagine my surprise when the opportunity arrived in the form of being able to be apart of the actions happening against NATO. I rode a bus for over 48 from Portland, OR to meet up with the folks at what we called the Convergence Center. We were feed there and already decided to take the streets in honor of the members of Occupy Chi that were currently being held in jail after an illegal raid on their apartment. The days were filled with marches and public demonstrations to show the people of the world and Chicago that the war machine the nations have built via NATO has resulted in ethnic cleansing, civilian deaths, and continually destruction of the beautiful Middle East.

“Not the first time the blood flowed in the streets of Chicago

No chemical weapons were used on us during the protest but police brutality was experienced. Multiply times through the weekend we were surrounded and forced to go no-where.We were pushed, beaten, and arrested if not “complying” with the disperse announcement the CPD was giving. Not matter what time I was out the police filled the city and conversation on Sunday and Monday confirmed that the citizens themselves were getting a little scared rather than feel the sense of security. Media focused on the Sunday march and the “scuffle” that arose as protesters and police went at it but there is footage of the hundreds of demonstrators who were separated from these small group that Chicago Police Department decided to make an example of.

“Chi-Town we will meet again”

Coming back from Portland and having the calm manner of walking downtown at Pioneer was weird. For the first days I remembered the screams of the people as the clubs came down. I can hear our voices chanting “YOU DON’T NEED YOUR BOSS, YOUR BOSS NEEDS YOU!!” echoing off the buildings on Michigan Ave. The people I meet in the city as well as on the bus became the ones I will remember forever. These times we live in are filled with people telling us how and what to be, what are you doing to ensure others are aware of what is to come and happening in the world today?