Early Morning Requests

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Music

I was asked to do a write up by the artist Vinnie Dewayne for his track Cave Man off his 2nd album ‘Castaway‘. If you still don’t know who I’m talking about just kick back and let this North Portland legend tell you who he is and go grab up his first project ‘Solitary’.

The beat has you drawn in, then those wind instrumentals kick in and it’s a banger. The subject hits you heavy and lets you know real quick that this is real talk. What I get from the first verse is the artist contemplating the regret, I’m guessing, from a quick fling and he realizes the feelings are the result of his failure to a goal he had set out to reach. Lets people know his personality is like a lone man on a journey with reminders of past relationships. Also bringing to the table that he is rhymer and has the skills. He also has realized that although with all this potential he is a regular guy and there are others out there with stories that may or may not have been told. Yet how can he create something that’s fire from the mistakes he’s made.

The 2nd verse’s first few bars let you get to hear he’s on the run from demons and wondering is this his strike. Letting us know that no government spy tool will let you know who he really is but if you want to know some things listen to his words. Admits struggle with personal vices and seeing others take the journey further. Again with the iceberg reference lets you know the little bit of the situations that he stores would have you sunk but we all know icebergs are a lot more complex underneath the things that aren’t shared/seen. Letting others know that people have done things coming out of things far worse or less resourced.


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