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One Pin At A Time

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Music

Everyone has those comforts that get them through a tough day or the jolt of energy they need to trek onward, mine is music. It’s that feeling of hearing someone else voice the things you can’t and show you that there is someone out there. The label that society has stuck on you or the appearance they believe is your entire focus is a falsity.

For those who are getting ready to finish the year out and making their way to university congratulations. The last four years were a challenge but you made it. Plushgun started out as lead vocalist Dan in a New York apartment strumming away. The inter-web allowed him to release his electronic version of the single “Just Impolite” which blew up social media and soon was a full collection of songs which came out in 2009 and is know as Pins & Panzers. Since then Dan has teamed up with Matt on drums and the two of them are on track to release Plushgun’s second album Along with touring mates Dylan and Izzy the album and the band may just be coming to your town sometime this year.


Crossing Paths

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Music

The year has been a lot more productive than I thought and am very excited to continue to be involved in the up and coming music scene. The situation is totally up for grabs when you are out and about at shows. For me the lighting can be bad or the pit just damn crazy!! I live for the moment the wave of bodies crushes me as the mosh moves as one or the deafening blare coming from the staked mountain of amps as I try to get that emotion filled shot. But I do more than just shows but I gotta say I think i will always have a tie somehow to the music scene even as the years progress. Networking is what they tell me that will lead me to success in this entertainment world I have started to dip my toes in. I have been able to work with lovely runway models, to sweat drenched metal bands on a river bank. One of such encounters happened when I was just skating back in my hometown on the Oregon Coast.

His name is Bing Liu, his work and schooling have him in Chicago, IL but I was introduced to him as he played basketball. He made his way over to the skatepark for a quick run in the park but quickly expressed he left his board at home. I let him use mine and once he was done we chatted about schooling, future plans, and the exchange of information happened to follow up on each others work. His cinematography work is his passion and its amazing to see him use it to put out projects that stretch across a wide range of subject matters. Weather it be an edit for the local skaters or documentary portraying stories that give insight into the lives of who may be overlooked, he brings out emotion and captivates you.

Another acquaintance that comes to mind when thinking of the fates having their way with the world is Johnny T. I meet this individual when I was waiting for my ride to finish cleaning up the event we had just attended. Never Fade Records had just thrown a benefit show and the crowds were dwindling so I went to grab a seat out front. A man by the name of John approached me and we chatted about his involvement in the music scene back in ’69. The stories of the past years just drew me in and I was excited to learn that John had a bandcamp! A platform on the web for artist to sell or give away their music. Here Johnny T has an abundance of different projects to choose for listening pleasure. ‘The Early Years‘ album has you wondering if your listening to The Beatles, Zeppelin, or wondering how you missed this amazing sound back in the good days. His personal recommendation of his work is the ‘Patriot‘ album so go get exploring and don’t be afraid to strike a conversation up with a stranger this week you might be surprised who they turn out to be.