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This year the battle continues for the airwaves. The mainstream is destroying the meaning of what talent is and the fact positive messages can still be found in the songs of today. We are so busy letting others tell us what the biggest new name in music is we forgot what our own individual tastes are. The musical devices of kids today could be confiscated and lists compiled of what artist they are listening too but I can almost guarantee the lists would almost be identical to each other. We as Americans are so egocentric and think we are number one or something. We are months behind music and are unaware of what is truly going on in our world. A land of opportunity has stripped individualism away from its people and for years has interceded to ensure the message of the select few gets to be heard and glamorized.

When I saw the trend engulfing the US know as “dubstep” it saddened me that most of kids did understand that electronica has been going hard for years. An example of this would be an artist from across the pond who has been going solid for a decade, this is Burial. His tunes will guide your night and introduce a truly pure independent sound. The sound of ‘Fosterchild‘ is just eerie and a great example of this humble character who finds it difficult to produce material. Doesn’t seem to slow him down much though with already released 2 albums and several EPs all available to stream at Hyperdub. The video for the latest single Loner from the new ‘Kndred EP’ can be view up top.

A friend who I gotta say has an excellent taste in music shot me this next group as a friendly self pick of something to spread. A few mates from the United Kingdom have been making music successful under the name Sub Project 151 and bring a contribution to the UK scene. ‘Visions‘ is the single that was released back in September and is leading the way for a few gigs to let the masses get a taste of their sound. Recording and making the beats themselves Josh gets funky on the bass, SonicK spits the lyrics and jams on the guitar, and 5am holds it down on the decks as well as the drums. Hip Hop has a different sound in England but its definitely worth a listen. Shout out to P Chap and hope we can all hit the lake again this summer.

The final artist is a indie band from Brighton. They have had 3 albums released since forming back in the late 2000’s. The most recent project ‘Given to the Wild’ has been said to be a mature step up from their 2nd album. The video for ‘Feel To Follow‘ is just a beautiful journey through times when few in the city are still roaming and you will have to ask yourself are you awake? School mates Orlando Weeks (Vocals) and Robert Dylan Thomas (drummer) were joined by brothers Hugo and Felix White (guitar), and bassist Rupert Jarvis and they became know as ‘The Maccabees. Robert left the band to go to rehab and Sam Doyle stepped up as the new drummer. The line up is that way still and makes the sound of ‘Given to the Wild’ an album you will want to share will your homies or thrown your favorite track onto a playlist.