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You Probably Missed Out Again

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Music

This weekend was the second time since living in the beautiful Rose City that I was able to attend The Next Big Thing Tour. This is a battle of a bands scenario were the artist come to preform at the Roseland Theater which is located in downtown Portland. It’s amazing to see the talent as well as the support via fan base, families, and ones who just paid the door fee. An average of about 30 or so bands maybe more play every year and it makes for one long fun day.

For The Likes Of You coming out strong to begin their set at the Roseland.

Hailing from across the river these 5 Washingtonians came in charging and played a great set. For The Likes Of You is a hardcore band that gives you some reason to stop slouching on the walls and pillars surrounding the stage. A deep seeded drive to share themselves was shown as Casey (vocals) amplified the mood. Along with Jestin(guitar), Ryne(bass), Garth(guitar), and Devin(drums) these guys will be something to look out for as well. Show them some love and go download ‘Walls’ or ‘Planes,Trains & Car Wrecks’.

Disko Skylight jammng acoustic style.

Disko Skylight a band who is willing to step out of the comfort zone and try something new. Starting the set in front a crowd in the upstairs of the Roseland they brought a new sound to the band. They followed up with they normal acoustic sound and brought up murmur in the crowd. Nicholas, Destani and Jeff along with a new face will be hopefully crossing the border into Oregon again soon to let us be apart of their musical expeditions.

Winner of 2012 The Next Big Thing Tour Atmos.

FINALLY THE WINNER!!! When Atmos took the stage I recognized them as the group that had been strumming a guitar out in the parking lot. Continually dedication is what they were showing, as most of these young bands run around getting excited to be on stage or telling fans when their time slot is, I got a good feeling about these guys. The opening song allows us to get use to the sound of Indie-Groove but all of a sudden Jackson (bass), Kyle(Guitar), and Josh(Drums) start in on the song Rabbit Hole and it gets your feet moving!! A group that allowed me to really examine a few aspects of my own life I didn’t think I would that day. Music is alive and this trio from Lake O is making sure that their contribution to this archive of musicians is heard.