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YAH It’s Tuesday.

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Music

So the new mixtape by Del the Funky Homosapien is out and we now know that it’s part of a 3 part set. Hit this free download up and let me know what you think of “West Coast Avengers.” Mine first introduction to his music was when I was in middle school and playing THPS3 on the computer.



Posted: January 7, 2012 in News

"They Thank Us For Marching"

As the war in Iraq has come to an end we wonder what really did happen? Did we do any good or was the cost one that could have been spent elsewhere? As the “struggle” to fund the military is one that is debated and continually defended as a necessity to keep America running, seems to involve some shady dealings. The families of those serving deserve our utmost respect for they make a sacrifice that none of us will ever be able understand. The joy and relief of picking a loved one up at the airport chases away the anxiety and fear that has been swelling inside of them these long months. I have seen first hand what a child goes through as their parent or even parents are on active duty. The days wishing for the relationship they see their friends having at home or the nights hoping their parent comes home from “work” alive.

Let us head on over to the war torn country of Iraq and see some of the missions our valiant soldiers carried out. In the town of Haditha civilians bore witness to the brutality of those Marines that target them only because their orders or CO tells these pawns to. The death of these 24 innocent civilians is inexcusable but the military comes to the aid of their puppets to ensure patriotism and duty were carried out to the max. The continuation of the brutality that has rocked the country of Iraq is a need to be brought into the light. The fact that this 2005 event was hopefully going to be forgotten in the flames of a carp dinner is absolutely a call to be outraged. The 400 pages of interrogations and evidence points to blatant abuse of America’s military “power” which needs to be know. We need to thank Michael S. Schmidt for grabbing these up and reporting the horrendous deaths of the children, women and the disable slaughter at the hands of Americans.

Starting off Right

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Music

The year has been one of disappointment via the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act but has already popped off with several great albums that just are a must for this year. Being apart of the hot and sweaty crowds that congregate inside basements and cram into garages its an honor to see the projects some of these artists put out for a pure fan basis!!

"Facing the crowd"

Oso Negro a veteran in the hip hop scene in Idaho but with roots embedded in the dirty south of Mississippi, has made a name for himself these past decade or so. The Good Call Sport & Grill show was my first exposure to an artist who has passion for all he spits infront of no matter the size of the crowd. Gracing us with the sound of “Out The System” I have been excited with the continuation of the collaboration of DJ Toe and Oso Negro. They made my New Year by dropping the brand new project “Meta-Static“. I been playing these Toe-Jams all day and can’t wait to hear what The Black Bear has to offer next. Go check out ‘Can You Feel ‘ and then pick up “Meta-Static”.

You maybe wondering who the two men are in the video at the top of this post. Let me introduce you to Sarx and he’s partnering with Graves 33, both reppin the 206 with pride. Sarx project “A Clockwork Heart With Wings” is on his label Fated Empire site to grab up for a small price. I first heard Sarx when I was preparing for a show at the Sea Shanty, a house in North Portland dedicated to the exposure of touring artists. I remember being stoked to hear him preform his song ‘Nightingale’ but I was able to record him preforming his other single ‘Delilah’. I grabbed up his project and was stoked to hear positive lyrics, personal rhymes, and a fresh style. Coming hard on ‘Valkeryi‘ I continued to keep up with his progress and was pleased to start 2012 with a collaboration with Graves 33 and a project called ‘Wings and Wounds“. Both these guys go hard and continue to bring reality to the table and talk about the issues most have tossed aside. You already got a taste of the album with the ‘Boundaries Broken’ video but I challenge you to dabble into some ‘Wizardry’ as well.

'Sharing a story'