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Reflection on a year passing

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Music

Sorry about the last few artist not making the countdown to Christmas. I was in the process of making a few life decisions and have been able to finally for the first time in a long time start to understand what it means to really live. The message I have tried to addressed in these last few months is that a lot of people who follow their passions are ridiculed or overlooked. Not because of the lack of talent but because they will not conform to the sales pitch most artist find once they hit the “big leagues”. Chains, cash, cars, and a whole gender have been singled out to portray an image that makes you sick to realize that millions support such a industry. The ones who stand up for justice or continually cause awareness for the problems that rain down on us from everyday life to national struggle doesn’t quite fit this idea that material things are the answer to our problems.

The message of Tenth Avenue North is one that most people in the world have rejected. I know too well the views of Portland and many of the coastal towns in which I grew up in on God being the true answer to our problems. I myself have doubted, strayed from, and continue to try and figure out his will in my life. Areuawake has been his way of showing me I still have the confidence and potential that I lost over the years due to drug addiction and promiscuous relationships. This band will let you know just like I have that “You are More“. These guys have rotated through many a band member and have been disappointed with false promises of fame and fortune but continue to not look back. They continue to use their skills and passion for sharing the message of forgiveness with the youth of this nation.


Take a Journey

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Music

Get this one off early because the countdown is almost complete. I hope you have found some new stuff to listen too. I love being able to meet and learn who the people really are who make up these bands. Some are friends who I see and crack a beer with, while others are much older and wiser. They provided settings in which to learn and be captivated by things beyond our borders. This bands have been an awesome group of people to interact with and have become my family here in PDX.

"Negara is a ticket to the world"

Negara lets you travel the world while eating a slice of pie at Mississippi Pizza in NE Portland. The drums sound and the sax cries out as Doug and Belinda with strings complete this transformation of an ordinary stage into a different part of world to get lost in. The group is made up of musicians who are skilled in years and continue to bring to the audience a sense of rarity. A performance that is to be given full unwavering attention to as not to miss any of this musical induced trip. Bringing to the stage a different varity of instruments Negara also introduces you to the captive flow of Jewels. A young belly dancer who has continued to make a name for herself here in the Portland area. Negara is a 3 time winner in my book who continues to play in the lounges of PDX, keep their audince informed with events that happen in the world, and finally gives us a sound we can truly enjoy anytime of day. so download their demo and catch a show.

Come walk my streets

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Music

Simplicity, will it be a trait that is soon forgotten in this hustle and bustle of this technological realm we live in? We live and breathe yet that isn’t enough we need to be down with the latest fade or the newest gadget to stay up to par in this world of labels and social bracketing.

"Bigger Than Mountains"

My friend Ryan aka Bigger Than Mountians doesn’t hold back. Self recorded and writing down experiences that most bury he will hit you right in the face with reality checks. The spectator of loved ones choosing a synthetic downfall this guy continues to find joy in the nights and times where new friendships are made. This guy makes others what to step up to find who they really are. Not sure which came first the song or the name but just listen to the lyrics of ‘Bigger Than Mountains‘ and they will have you wanting to know the story of a boy from “A black hole navy town.”

North Side Warrior

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Music

Solitary‘ was straight fire!! Vinnie Dewayne straight out of North Portland he is giving the 503 another name to add to greats that are up and coming. I’m not about to try and explain some of the stuff this guy spits because it’s not my place to say. Some real love for his beloved St. Johns but there is sorrow and struggle that seems to continually fuel the next track. Pour it Out is the single from the ‘Castaway’ mixtape that is suppose to drop in the new year. V Dewayne paints some pictures that are so vivid you just freeze. Hip Hop continues to breathe with the lines he lays down. Truth flows and he holds nothing back, so let him tell you a story.

Do you still chase the White Rabbit?

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Music

Experimental, the grunge of a guitar or the lyrical mystery of a artist is just one element of a record. What I see today is this true struggle of music tossed aside to make way for “musicians” that have less than average talent and sell an image more than anything authentic. I would rather listen Lou Reed than what’s on the top 40 charts. Songs like ‘Andy’s Chest‘ and ‘Venus In Furs’ are the just a taste of what music once was and there are those who still keep this alive.

Do I like this? Ever ask yourself that question when listening to a new tune? When I stumbled across Young Circles it gave me chills. There is something that catches your ear when you listen to the Bones EP. Was it the guitar crying out set my soul free or the lyrics that drew you into wanting to understand their meaning? It gave me a ray of hope when the rumors of an album came into circulation. I was excited to open my inbox a several months back to a copy of Jungle Habits. This was the Young Circles album that had been talked about all 2011. From ‘Sharp Teeth’ and those who brave the ‘Love Hitch’ video, these Miami natives let us know that the spirit of experimental music is alive and well.

Basement Royalty

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Music

Folk punk is a genre with more energy and passion than most any song on the radio now days. The scene is as diverse as the shows. From a basement with ceilings so low you almost hit your head, to a packed public laundry mat, or a cafe, you will be entertained. Portland has allowed me to expand on my musical view of things. I have been introduced to some great music and met some great new friends along the way.

Me and My Ego debut performance

Just one of the artist I have been be able to work with is Me and My Ego. This duo loves their friends and is simply AMAZING. Meeting them a few months back has been a huge blessing in my life. They sing of the need for constant awareness and humanitarian justice. Alot of personal thought and time has been put into these songs. You can tell while listening to the ‘3 Songs Recorded In 3 Days’ EP that Colin and Danielle work hard to produce material to share with the public.

Tis The Season To Get Rowdy

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Music

With bands like We Came as Romans and August Burns Red exploding onto the metal scene a few others have started to step up as well. I remember talking with my friend Wes about the new TDWP album ‘Dead Throne‘ and that got me hitting the bowl at Pier like a savage a month or so back. I was excited when this past summer I was able to to see all 3 in concert!! All the pits got crazy and all bands stayed true to the message they bring forth in their albums.

One of the bands that has been shared by yet another friend has the spot light tonight. Sioux City, Iowa is the host of presidential debates and home to the band For Today. Emerging back in 2008 with debut album ‘Ekklesia’ they are now touring the nation with some of the bands highlighted above. Coming strong with a message to awaken the masses to a message or redemption they will destroy your speakers. Raw and coming at you with lyrics that will have you checking your daily habits Brandon, Ryan, Mattie, David, and Mike are strong guys who keep the faith and call for the soldiers to charge!!