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Keep ya head up

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Music

It is a little weird when you stumble upon a band that you enjoy and want to share but you find out is no longer together. Minds Like Mine is from Illinois and carries themselves well in the pop-punk scene. Their EP ‘Set Up & Set Out’ is an addition to your music library you’ll have on a playlist in no time. Touching on some issues of forgiveness and self reflection is a breath of fresh from the garbage that is being circulated. Click on the link to download their EP.



Posted: November 24, 2011 in News

"Corruption exposed and a nation in distress."

This week has been a reflection on many issues I thought I could look past but continue to come up. As a new week continues I can only be thankful that I’m able to see it come about. I have lived in Portland for about a year and half and one thing is consistent, the people are blind to what is happening in their city. Bus schedules disrupted and max lines stalled can make anyone irritated but change doesn’t come easy.

"Grabbing peaceful protesters off the sidewalk"

I have stood toe to toe with riot police on 5th & Alder. I have been there when protesters sat in at B of A. I have seen the ones who swore to protect and serve attempt to silence the voice of the people. We hear of police using excessive force and happenings but we never think it will happen in our city. These past few months have been an eye opener to may who for the first time are seeing out right inexcusable uses of police weapons and persons. Whether you agree with the issues surrounding these incidents these are humans being treated like this by the institution that is suppose to arrest those guilty of such acts on their fellow man. Reports have been confirmed of cops with tears in their eyes, walking off the lines when it has come time to carry out “duty”.

"Orwell was right."

The police have realized that these protesters aren’t rebels or soldiers, but their brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. The average age of the people who were arrested on the steel bridge was fifty, not the punks, anarchists, or homeless face the media has tagged onto this movement. The continuation of the media blackouts or reporters being physically restrained from getting into areas were skirmishes between police and protesters occur. This has gone far beyond grass being torn up or people’s commutes being disrupted but the fight for freedoms that we as America’s are entitled to. Press and speech are the last lines of defense in truly being free.

We Fight For You.

Posted: November 15, 2011 in News

Riot Cops trying to clear out protesters in Portland, OR.

Protection from tear gas.

Since when did fighting for freedom require us to carry these on your person!? I have see the city of Portland become a police state in the night and daylight. This is not a new fight but a continued one. Please its not the physical ‘Occupy Portland’ that you need to be in support of but the message that corruption has made this a nation on its knees and doing anything to stay afloat. The issues the media as demonized Occupy Portland with i.e. homeless in camp and drug use, these issues have been in the city for countless years. Have we forgotten the raids in Chinatown and on Burnside? I know those who didn’t have the lucky outcome of police and EMT’s coming to their aid when they overdosed. These are problems that are in the city whether the camps are there or not. I’m glad they are in the lime light. What is this season that we are coming into all about? Giving and caring about your fellow man. These people need our help and you don’t know their story and why they are out there. Once we realize the need for riches put before helping your brother in need is what destroys a nation, not people in the streets blocking your traffic so you can go home to watch your football game. I hope we all check ourselves to see what we are striving for and will we leave this place changed or better because of what we have accomplished.

“Put your ones in the air and point them to yourself cause change starts right there.” – Ben Haggerty