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NOW!! or 4pm….

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Music

I present to you the first single off the Red Hot Chili Peppers album “I’m With You.” Expect to get the album Aug. 30 for those awaiting its release. People who haven’t heard RHCP need to come out of the rock they have been under and check em out. Weather it be “socking it” or loaning their samples for rap lyrics they continue to surprise us through the years. Hats off to these guys and hope its a great end of the summer jam!!!


Kicking Up Dust

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Music

From Warped Tour back in 08 to remembering an old friend Rise Against has been a band I have followed off and on for some time. With their new project “EndGame” and partnership with another worthy activism partner It Gets Better Project, these rockers continue to bring a message that can’t be ingored in the world we live in today. Taking a stand with the oppressed or condemning a war that is still being fought front man Tim and the rest of the guys in Rise Against continue their punk attitude toward government and the corruption that has befell our nation this last decade. Six studio albums in I see punk rock scene still going strong in the world of mainstream overflow into the minds of society.

Get Those Views Up

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Music

Blue Scholars have been making a name in the Seattle hip hop crowd and the complete NW scene. Positive and awakening lyrics flood your ears from tracks 1 to 15. This will have you checkin your history books for accuracy. Cinemetropolis was a kickstarter project which helps raise money for a upcoming project. Fans who donated funds received a digital copy of the album before it hit the masses. Geologic and Sabzi make such an effort to give back to the people and its been seen through past projects and songs like Fou Lee. Take a mintue to listen to REAL HIP HOP and then check yourself what are you doing to give back to your community.

Booty Poppin Lessons

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Music

Since she got you shakin what your mama gave ya in “Crazy in Love ” to getting down with Weezey F Baby in the “Soldier” video she has a been a woman that ladies what to strive to be like and men try to impress. She has show women the power of being strong and standing up for themselves. Her album ‘4’ which just dropped on Tuesday is well worth a listen A way to keep moving on after a relationship that didn’t work or that inner struggle of taking it to the next level. Lots of things guys don’t take into considerations because we think our “swagger” will take care of it for us. Respect and confidence is what women really look for and there is a culture out there that is feeding us lies about money, cars, and swagger are the way to get them. King B is a women who is caught up in that world but doesn’t let it rule her like so many of the artist today have. Props to Beyonce and her passion to empower women and young girls all around the world to stand up and be strong. Men we could all take notes and then maybe we will be drippin “swagoo.” Click Here to stream ‘4‘ so you can get a feel for her new album. The album is a few scrolls down the page.