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From Stories in the Stars

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Music

First off gotta apologize to Jon Hirschy for snappin at him. August Burns Red is a metalcore band. Who’s 4 projects have caught the attention thousands of fans, festivales like Warped tour and me. Sharing stages with Suicide Silence, ADTR and Dropkick Murphys they get around. They sound is breath taking and they give you the rush like the Peruvian Lady use too. The lyrics are amazing!!! Helped me really with becoming more of myself. Self reflection is one of the hardest things to come to terms with and maybe that is why I’m bias to certain things or can sometimes be a hypocrite. This album really helped me see I can be my true self and not be ashamed or think I’m doing it just to make others happy. Look for them on the Bandlist for Warped Tour and add them to that playlist on your ipod you listen when you mash the bowls!!!!


New Eminem Video

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Music

“You just did the impossible you gained my trust dont play games it’ll be dangerous…” Those words applied to me soo well and was one of the first tracks I heard when the project “Recovery” was out. Trust is a huge part of anyone but once its broke or lost then you have too options. ONE: pick yourself up and keep going or TWO: Lone wolf it and become cold and make it hard for anyone to get close to you again. Plain and simple the video for “Spacebound” is dark but the whole message of the album is one of taking responsibility, shaking off the the demons, and MOVING FOWARD. That is a personally goal and struggle for me day to day. I deal with lots of depression and thoughts that I bottled up or pushed away and tried to numb with drugs, sex, and self harm but I’m learning through music and opening up to certain people that I can make they see the potential that is still there, what I thought I lost but I now know I can come back and show people what I can do. The last few years have been a mess no product to show but I”M BACK and will continue to provide people with REAL PRODUCT not the crap I was giving them before.