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It’s Coming Back

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Music


Here are two artist who i have been listening to while you all sleep. The North West is start to make a name for it’s self. Luck-One is from the city we call home. Out of jail in 2008 for gun charges and robbery he has used his music for change. Just like the hip hop of old hints of revolution and social change are projected in this project. He has two cd’s out the first is called one he collaborated with Dekk on Beautiful Music and sophmore album “True Theroy” is set to dropĀ  same time as the new collab between Zion I & The Grouch


Dee-1 is another who speaks of the problems facing the common people today. The guy is crazy good with the flow and has a natural talent for informing people. Don’t believe me… he taught middle school in New Orleans. In 2009 he decided to quit teaching and work on his music and produced his first studio album “David & Goliath”. You can decided if he is worth a listen to or not . His other albums are available at his facebook or his site.



Speak Up

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Music

When I see a story like this I feel the need to share. Its amazing some of the comments I read while waiting for this video to buffer. The normal hate and ignorant people commenting but some of the words that were being thrown at these young girls were shocking. Please explain to me how a positive message is a cause for discredit. Look at the world you live in and then realize you need to wake up.

Erik, Evan, and Ryan

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Music

The three homies I named have helped me on my journey to understanding what true hip hop and the rumblings of the underground sound like. I have know one while in high school and the other two I meet will living in Portland. Zion I & The Grouch have done work together back in 06. The joint was called Heroes in the City of Dope. Now the 2nd album from the folks out in the Bay Area which is due to release 22nd of March has them as Heroes in the Healing of the Nation. I know when the lyrics flow from these fellas that there is a message to say just like the hip hop of old. Keep your ears tuned as “Rockit Man” is just the first single from this anticipated installment.