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Let Us Experiment

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Music

Florida provides us with bad ass rides at Disney World and the females be crawling all over in Miami and what not… Music is alive everywhere and with new ages its evolving like everything around us. 3 Floridians who come from different musical backgrounds (i.e  jazz,blues, some UK space rock) mashed together in 2010 to give us an in site in what they produce as the group know as Young Circles. Anyone of the songs on the  Bones EP is definitely something to put on a play list to introduce to your friend. Maybe you can relate to the Gorillaz sounding vocals of Sharp Teeth or the indie/alternative sound of Halfway Up. But not to be fooled Jeff, David,and Jordy have a way of presenting these sounds to ya in a way that will wanting more. Be on the look out for these young men.


Check Dre Out

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Music

RELEASED LESS THAN 30 MINTUES AGO AND ONLY 301 VIEWS ON YOUTUBE… Here is a link to the premiere of I Need a Doctor music video by Dr. Dre ft Eminem and Skylar Grey. Tell me what ya think of it. And keep your ears, eyes and minds ready for Detox

Something I Would Play At Church

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Music

What has the sound of Owl City yet is down with the creator of the universe? it so happens to be an electronica worship band out of Illinois know as An Epic, No less. One of the most uplifting albums that I have heard in a long time. I love the fact that Todd & Daniel are a christian band with a similar sound throughout the entire album and the majority of songs are original. I love the spin they did with “In Christ Alone” Anyway here is something with a positive message whether you believe in God or not.

From Back In The Day

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Music

Can you call it a comeback, a resurrection, or the fact that this blog has actually got me back in tune with legit music idk but Meg & Dia have released Always Stormy In Tillamook . I remember hearing these sisters at one of my first times at Warped Tour in ’08 or 07. The song that caught my ear was Monster maybe it was cause it made me bounce a lil but it opened my ears to the sound of these siblings. Since forming in 2004 these talented ladies the ladies have brought some males to join them on stage. Nicholas Price (drummer) hails alongside the sisters from the state of Utah. Jonathan Synder is now the bassist from NJ and Carlos Gimenez is orginally from British Columbia. I hope to see more of Meg & Dia and I’m glad their back.

i think like a radio station

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Music

Foster the People’s Helena Beat caught my ear a few months ago. It was made me just vibe so hard i played it on repeat for days. Then i would say a couple weeks later on a blog i check out they were talking about the 2010 summer jam Pumped Up Kicks by the same artist and i remember days after that when i was in my car and 94/7 the local alternative station had the new music of the day and it was Pumped Up Kicks. I freaked!!! So stoked that they were getting air time and i was able to rejoice in the fact the were playing while most others were trying to figure out if they liked them or not. Listen to their EP here. O well i love music hope you hit me up with ideas for new, local, or self produced clips.

503 spotlight

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Music

The man who brought Foster the People to my attention has laid out another interesting pick. This one is out of the Rose City and his name is Chip Locke. Another 19 year old broter who is puttin it down for SE. Local support is were it starts so check it out. You can download his mixtape Your Neighborhood Drug Dealerand see for yourself.

Young Talent

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Music

The Next Big Thing Tour was a blast!!! Gotta spend the day with a really good homie and listen to some new sounds that hail from Portland and the surrounding area. The ages of the artists ranged from 14 to 40(estimate).  Such a cool thing to see so many people having a passion for music and putting it out there for all of us to enjoy.


A duo (Kent,Jesse) from what I saw but their site says they have 3 members. They hail from Sherwood, Oregon and make you believe the youth have something to say. These two young men  acoustic sound is something to be on the lookout for.


And I say nothing good comes from the Coast. Growing up I was bias probably cause i never meet these guys. A 4 man  wrecking group from Astoria, Oregon is giving brutal a new name. Michael’s (vocals) screams bring such emotion out of you, banging your head and thrashing seems the only way to start to bring justice to the sound that Asphyxia graces your eardrums with.

Level Flow

“We are now gunna rock you guys acousticallythese are the words from Level Flow’s lead singer Chris Robles. They did just that. It could have been the ecstatic group of ladies in front of me (the performers wives?)  but I was taken. One of the first band to sound together and clean. They are from the Rose City itself and rep it proudly. Check out their sound here.

One Hour Newport

Another Rip City band and another great show to watch.  A sit down sound but it takes you on a journey. It amazing that these people can bring out this sound when there was plenty of acoustic strumming. It’s that thing that sticks out and wants to here more. Not much is know about them but they are young with talent and hope to cross paths again with these guys.